Response to Meeting on Fire Governance Proposals
Statement issued to organisers of public meeting in Hatfield on Thursday 2nd August 2018 regarding Fire Governance proposals.

David Lloyd, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, said:

“There are no formal proposals to close any of the 3 fire stations in Welwyn and Hatfield.  My business case for the Fire Service includes existing plans for developing Community Safety Hubs which would bring together police and fire on purpose built sites, allowing them to work more effectively together, in modernised and improved facilities, to improve public safety.  In the case of fire such improvement is vital to tackle issues around an increasingly aging estate. 
“The Home Office asked us to provide specific examples as to how this might be achieved and one of those is the opportunity provided by the redevelopment of the Police HQ site in Stanborough.  Police and fire representatives have been discussing possible options which could be progressed on that site.  These include building a new Fire Service HQ on the site and co-locating the police and fire control rooms.  They are also exploring the option of re-siting 1 or 2 of the existing 3 nearby fire stations in new facilities on the site. 
“The exploration is at an early stage and a feasibility study would be required before any specific proposals were drawn up.  If they do reach that stage they would be subject to an extensive public consultation.  No proposal is being considered which would result in a reduction in the resource or coverage of the fire service in Welwyn and Hatfield.  The aim of any proposals would be to provide new, modern and more effective facilities and improve the service to the public.
“Indeed, one of the benefits of having a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner is that the public’s view would be at the forefront of decision-making.  If the Home Secretary approves the governance transfer, my first step will be to have a conversation with the public about what they want from their Fire and Rescue Service in Hertfordshire.”