More Cash from Criminals Used to Help Vulnerable People
Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has used money recovered from the criminals to fund several projects helping vulnerable people and improve the criminal justice system.

The projects include those at risk of homelessness and problem gamblers, who could potentially be drawn into criminality.

The Criminal Justice Innovation Fund, set up by PCC David Lloyd, will use £150,000 of cash generated by the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA), to support projects which reduce offending and promote innovation in the criminal justice system in Hertfordshire, including in our courts, probation services and other areas.

David Lloyd, the PCC for Hertfordshire said:

“I’m passionate about improving the criminal justice system and setting up this fund puts money recovered from criminal activity back into the community to do good and help steer people away from criminal involvement.”

“The purpose of this fund is to enable new and innovative initiatives that will enhance criminal justice and community safety in Hertfordshire."

This is the first time money from the Commissioner’s Criminal Justice Innovation Fund has been awarded to bidders.

It helps to support the priorities of Hertfordshire’s Criminal Justice Board which aims to make the criminal justice system more efficient, drive greater innovation and support victims and witnesses of crime.

The fund is open to public and private organisations, criminal justice and community safety partners working in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector.

The schemes which have received funding to date are:

Hertfordshire Community Rent Deposit Scheme (£30,000)
St. Mungo’ Community Housing Association will seek to give people starting their life away from crime the best chance to make a success of their resettlement by supporting them to find suitable accommodation through a rent deposit scheme.

GamCare – Hertfordshire CJS Problem Gambling Programme (£55,000)
Current evidence highlights that gambling related harm can be a factor within the criminal justice system (CJS) in Hertfordshire. GamCare has identified opportunities where problem gambling could recognised, and rehabilitative support introduced for the CJS cohort to reduce the impact on both the system and for individual offenders, victims and families.

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) (£20,000)
To provide a review  of the current IOM scheme in Hertfordshire and deliver an update of strengths an areas for development.

Hertfordshire Constabulary - Out of Court Disposal* Review (£6,000)
Fund a detailed analysis of Hertfordshire’s Constabulary Out of Court data since October 2016. It will also assist the Constabulary in planning for the future provision of rehabilitative programmes and support the delivery of Out of Court Disposals across the county.

The next deadline for the fund is September and further details about the scheme is available at the PCC’s website:

The Hertfordshire Criminal Justice Innovation Fund uses the proceeds of crime to ensure the journey for the victim through the criminal justice system is as easy as possible. It supports projects which reduce offending and prevent people being drawn into criminal activity. The fund will support innovative ideas which help victims and ensures Hertfordshire’s criminal justice system works well for everybody. It will look to develop ideas which are in the early stages or have been found to work elsewhere and have the potential to do the same for Hertfordshire. The fund is worth £150,000 and is open to public and private organisations, criminal justice and community safety partners working in collaboration with the voluntary and community sector in Hertfordshire.

* Out of Court Disposals
Out-of-court disposals allow the police to deal quickly and proportionately with low-level, often first-time offending which could more appropriately be resolved without a prosecution at court. (Source, Ministry of Justice)