Neighbourhood Watch membership up to 140,000 in Hertfordshire
With more than 140,000 households in Hertfordshire having already signed up to receive emails about crimes in their local area – why don’t you join them?

The emails are sent by local policing teams to residents signed up to Neighbourhood Watch via the Online Watch Link (OWL)

Chair of Herts Watch (the umbrella organisation for NHW across Hertfordshire) Sue Thompson, said: “Residents don’t have to do anything other than act on any crime prevention advice sent to them, which range from burglaries or thefts in their local area to details of missing people, and encourages them to report any suspicious incidents or behaviour that they may have seen.”

She said: “We think we have the largest NHW membership in the country, and have recently increased membership to 140,000 Hertfordshire homes. But we want to encourage even more people to sign up and benefit from being part of NHW. The OWL system has brought NHW into the 21st century and makes it harder for criminals to operate as well as helping to improve community spirit across the county.”

There are many examples of NHW keeping residents safer. NHW prevented a pensioner from being scammed –he was close to sending £15,000 of his life savings to a convincing con artist pretending to be from his bank – but thought twice after seeing an email message from Neighbourhood Watch warning him about the scam.

Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd said: “The scheme promotes community spirit and ultimately makes the county safer, supporting the ethos behind my Community Safety and Criminal Justice plan - keeping neighbourhoods safe is everybody’s business.
“I want to continue to ensure that we make the most of our links with the various watch schemes that operate across Hertfordshire and look for opportunities to continue the technology of OWL to drive forward the prevention of crimes.”

Simply sign up to NHW via OWL at or speak to your local PCSO.