David Lloyd welcomes a national report calling for more help for fraud victims
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has welcomed a national report calling for more help for the victims of fraud.
Through Beacon, the Hertfordshire Victim Care Centre which Mr Lloyd commissioned, a dedicated team has been set up to support those who have had money stolen by cyber crime and other scams.
Today (April 2nd) Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue (HMICFRS) published a report ‘Fraud: Time to Choose’ which called for better support for victims across the country.
After inspecting 11 Constabularies across the country, not including Hertfordshire, they concluded most victims of fraud are not receiving the level of service they deserve.
Mr Lloyd said: “I have always taken fraud and cyber crime very seriously in Hertfordshire. It is the crime you are most likely to fall victim to, particularly in the 45 to 55 age group.
“Direct mail, email, phone and door-to-door methods are often used to confuse and harass people and con them in to handing over their cash. This report highlights the need for the sort of victim services that I have put in place in Hertfordshire.

“I have ensured that all agencies, including the police, Trading Standards and Citizens Advice Bureau have work closely together to tackle this pernicious problem.
“In Hertfordshire we work closely with Action Fraud to have quicker access to victim reports. Specialist officers retrieve date from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to enable us to assess for vulnerability and loss before pro-actively contacting victims.”
“The new service offers a case managed approach to enable victims to cope, manage and move on with their lives. They develop a support and safety plan to reduce the harm as well as potential for repeat victimisation.”
This week also saw the launch of the Herts Cyber Basic Review for small business owners in the county. They are being offered a free security examination by a computer expert who will give advice about cyber crime in a £25,000 scheme funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council.

Commenting on the report HM Inspector of Constabulary Matt Parr said: “In a time of competing priorities for the police service, we understand that police leaders have difficult decisions to make. But during this inspection, one officer told us that fraud does not ‘bang, bleed or shout’ and, as a result, it is not considered a priority. Nonetheless, people are more likely to be victims of fraud than any other crime.
“The recommendations in this report highlight the areas where police forces and other organisations need to improve. In particular, there needs to be stronger strategic leadership to tackle fraud. Without that leadership the current situation will continue, with fraudsters feeling like they can act with impunity and victims feeling confused and disillusioned. This has to change.”