Increase in the number of front line officers in Hertfordshire continues
The increase in the number of front line officers in Hertfordshire continued this week as fourteen new police officers were welcomed into the Constabulary.

The seven men and seven women graduating having completed a 16-week training course at Longfield Training Development Centre in Stevenage, and the officers will now start their first shifts at their local stations across the county, putting into practice all they have learned.

The new recruits include five former Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), an ex-aircraft technician and a former teacher who will be based across the county.

  New recruits are pushing officer numbers to their highest in seven years

The training included a mixture of classroom based and practical sessions, covering a vast range of topics including law and powers, personal safety and dealing with volatile situations, first aid and safeguarding vulnerable victims.
The trainee officers also had opportunities to work alongside new Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service recruits, as they completed their respective training at the centre. This included joint exercises and the opportunity to get hands on with sophisticated fire brigade equipment.

During the graduation ceremony they paraded in front of Chief Constable Charlie Hall, Hertfordshire Police and Crime Assistant Commissioner Stuart Nagler and their soon to be chief inspectors as well as family and friends.

Chief Constable Charlie Hall said: “After a vigorous recruitment process these new officers have spent the last few months in intensive training to ensure they are fully equipped to deal with life on the front line. They will be at the core of policing in the county and I am very pleased to welcome them to the Constabulary.”
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Assistant Commissioner Stuart Nagler told the new officers: “It is an honour to welcome you to Hertfordshire. You are part of the extra 75 officers being recruited this year who have been paid for by the £2-a-month Council Tax rise.
    The intake include five previous PCSOs

“We police by consent in this country, and out on the streets you will have challenges every day. Members of the public can be very demanding, you need to remain strong, civil and firm while also showing compassion and understanding.
“Hertfordshire is one of the safest areas of the country, but there are dangers out there which you will be called on to protect the public from and I wish you the best in your careers.”
The officers who graduated will be in the following area:

Broxbourne – PC Nicole House and PC Denese Stainfield-Bruce
Dacorum – PC Lucy Hodgson and PC Kenia James
Hertsmere – PC Tommy Hopkins
St Albans – PC Andrew Moir
Stevenage – PC Natasha Angwin, PC Chloe Dagless and PC Andrew Kerr
Three Rivers – PC Mark Whyte
Watford – PC Ryan Bailey and PC Sam Symons
Welwyn and Hatfield – PC Ashley Masters and PC Chloe Roberts


Earlier this year the Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd increased the Council Tax policing precept by an average of £24 a year to fund an extra 75 front line officers.

The additional constables that are now being recruited and graduated are on course to boost the force officer numbers over 2,000 for the first time since 2011.