New police officers join force after passing out ceremony
Fifteen new police officers – including an ex-HGV driver, a former mechanic and four former Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) – were welcomed into Hertfordshire Constabulary yesterday, Tuesday 17 September.

Having completed a 16-week training course at Longfield Training Development Centre in Stevenage, the officers will now start their first shifts at their local stations across the county, putting into practice all they have learned.

The training included a mixture of classroom based and practical sessions, covering a vast range of topics including law and powers, personal safety and dealing with volatile situations, first aid and safeguarding vulnerable victims.
The trainee officers also had opportunities to work alongside new Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service recruits, as they completed their respective training at the centre. This included joint exercises and the opportunity to get hands-on with sophisticated fire brigade equipment.

During the graduation ceremony, the new recruits – 12 men and three women – paraded in front of Chief Constable Charlie Hall, Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Stuart Nagler and their soon to be chief inspectors, as well as family and friends.

Chief Constable Charlie Hall said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome these new officers to the force. They’ve been through intensive training to ensure they are fully equipped to deal with life on the front line after a vigorous recruitment process and I wish them well in their policing careers. They will be at the core of policing in the county and if other people are inspired to follow in their footsteps, we are recruiting for police officers.”
Assistant Commissioner Stuart Nagler told the new officers: “It is an honour to welcome you to Hertfordshire. You are part of the extra 75 officers being recruited this year who have been paid for by the £2-a-month Council Tax rise.
“We police by consent in this country, and out on the streets you will have challenges every day. Members of the public can be very demanding, you need to remain strong, civil and firm while also showing compassion and understanding.
“Hertfordshire is one of the safest areas of the country, but there are dangers out there which you will be called on to protect the public from and I wish you the best in your careers.”

PC Elizabeth Waddington, 26, a former PCSO who will be based at Cheshunt, said: “Training has been really challenging and hard work but has been so rewarding when I look back at how far I’ve come in 16 weeks. I looking forward to starting on shift and getting to know the area and the local communities and helping them out.”
PC Callum Ellis, 26, a former PCSO who will be posted to Potters Bar initially, said: “The training was really challenging but so enjoyable and it was a special moment to graduate watched by my family. It has taken me many applications to be stood here today. I’m excited to return back to Borehamwood as a Police Officer after making a step up in my career from a PCSO.”
PC Corey Siriwardana, 20, a former British Transport Police PCSO who will be based in Hemel Hempstead, said: “It has been a pleasure working with all members of my intake through ups and downs during our testing training period. I'm looking forward to starting on area and making a difference in the community.”
PC Peter Coy, 21, who will be based in Hatfield, said: “I loved every minute of training! It was a real challenge, and very intense, but as I graduated alongside my friends, and in front of our families, I felt a real pride in standing up as a Herts Police Officer. I look forward to going to Hatfield to make a difference.”
PC Scott Adamson, 24, a former pulmonary rehabilitation practitioner, who will be based in Bishop’s Stortford, said: “The training was excellent from day one. We all became a close family within first few weeks, and it's a joy to know we are joining the bigger Hertfordshire policing family. I am looking ahead at starting in East Herts and all the challenges to come and to help make a real difference.”

PC Ryan Cook, 31, who will be posted at Hertford, said: “Having been a Special Constable and police staff with Devon & Cornwall Police, it felt right to become a Police Constable, graduating today in front of my family who have travelled up from Cornwall. The training has been challenging but enjoyable, always learning new legislation and working practices. I am looking forward to be working with the community and colleagues in East Herts.”
If you feel inspired to start a career in policing, the Force currently has a range of vacancies including:
You can watch our video of Chief Constable Charlie Hall and Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd talking recruitment and meeting two new trainee cohorts, here:
The officers who graduated will be in the following area:
Bishop’s Stortford – PC Scott Adamson
Borehamwood – PC Max O’Donnell
Cheshunt – PC Elizabeth Waddington and PC Bailey Webb,
Hatfield – PC Peter Coy
Hertford – PC Ryan Cook
Hemel Hempstead – PC Corey Siriwardana and PC Tom Taylor
Potters Bar – PC Callum Ellis
Rickmansworth – PC Jamie Thomas
St Albans – PC Ashley Armstrong, PC Alex Corr and PC Tom Hamer
Stevenage – PC George Mitchell
Watford – PC Aaron George