Hertfordshire to get 91 extra officers from Government uplift
Hertfordshire is to get funding for an extra 91 frontline officers from the first stage of the Government’s uplift of police numbers.

When all are in post it will give the Constabulary a total of 2,100 officers, which will be the highest number since 2011.

The boost is the county’s share of the extra 6,000 officers nationally, and is the first target in a three year programme to recruit an additional 20,000 officers nationally.

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “I am delighted that the Government has provided further support to the strategy I have been implementing for the last seven years. Although we in Hertfordshire have not seen the cuts in numbers that other forces have, I welcome the news of these extra officers.

“Since taking office I have used past savings to maintain a high number of police officers, focusing on a more effective neighbourhood policing model.

“The public consistently tell me they want more officers on the street, and I raised the Council Tax precept by £2-a-month earlier this year to pay for them.

“We have been seeing those new officers coming thorough and making a difference, and now we can will see this uplift increase that further.”

The Government announcement today (Thursday) for the funding of 91 extra officers means the new permanent Establishment number of officers is set to increase from 2,009 to 2,100.

Setting the Hertfordshire policing budget earlier this year Mr Lloyd had already increased the Establishment by 50 plus another 25 funded for at least one year.

In August the Constabulary strength went above 2,000 officers as Mr Lloyd met new recruit PC Daniel Prisecaru, who was given the warrant number 2001.

Earlier this year Mr Lloyd asked for the public’s views on his bid to raise an additional £10.7m for policing in Hertfordshire in 2019/20.

A total of 827 people replied with 77 percent in favour of increasing the police element of the precept.