Commissioner reassures public that core policing will be maintained
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has told residents and business to remain calm during the Corona virus.

Following a full briefing with the Chief Constable Charlie Hall he wants to reassure the public that the police are still undertaking their core roles of investigating, arresting offenders and responding to 999 and 101 calls.

He wants to reassure that an event such as this has been planned for in advance and measures are in place to ensure staffing levels are protected. 

Mr Lloyd with Chief Constable Charlie Hall

Mr Lloyd said: “I have met with the Chief Constable and I am speaking to him on a daily basis about how Hertfordshire Constabulary are meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 virus.

“I am satisfied that there are extensive and detailed plans to ensure a resilient response to the current and future demands. Measures have been put in place to minimize the number of staff affected by the virus and maintain front line policing.

“Officers are still undertaking their core roles of investigating crime, arresting offenders and responding to emergency and non-emergency calls.

“This is a time for calm and thoughtful actions. The public can be assured that the police, other emergency services, plus local and national governments and agencies have planned for events such as these.”