PCC gives £50,000 to coronavirus charity emergency fund
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has given £50,000 in emergency funding to charities supporting residents during the coronavirus crisis.

David Lloyd is making the money available to community and voluntary groups to use quickly to provide help for vulnerable individuals and families in crisis.

The Commissioner’s funding will enable the Herts Community Foundation (HCF) to award grants of up to £2,000.

Mr Lloyd said: “My role is not just about policing, I have a broad public duty to reduce crime and the fear of crime. Now more than ever the community needs to work together to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19.

“We already support many charities to deliver vital services to victims, the vulnerable and to support crime prevention and other work.

“Most of them are continuing to function extremely well during the crisis and I thank them for the flexibility and innovation they have shown. 

“However, some have told me they are suffering difficulties or are facing additional pressures at the moment so I want to provide some additional help at this difficult time.”
The money will be distributed alongside the HCF’s Coronavirus Disaster Relief fund, with an OPCC staff member overseeing the awards of up to £2,000.

Currently £50,000 has been ring-fenced by the Commissioner for the fund, but further money may follow if there is a demand.

“My team are in touch with those groups delivering services for us and will work with them to see what their needs are and how best we can help them,” added Mr Lloyd. 

“It is essential that we make sure we maintain vital services during this crisis, when users need them most. But we must also ensure that the third sector organisations are still able to function when it ends.”

HCF emergency funding is targeted at local charities supporting people facing a range of social issues including social isolation, food poverty, poverty and poor mental health.

Helen Gray, Foundation Director for HCF said, “Many people are suffering, not just physically due to ill health, but also economically and socially.

“We are proud to be playing a role in making sure donations to support those in need get to where they are needed most in our community, as quickly as possible. This is why we setup the Coronavirus Disaster Relief Fund, to provide rapid support to local charities in this incredibly challenging time”.

To get more information, donate or to apply for assistance contact http://www.hertscf.org.uk/coronavirus-disaster-relief-fund-appeal

Groups that have already got money include Mediation Hertfordshire to pay for telephone counselling and conflict coaching for vulnerable families, including those experiencing domestic violence plus Citizens Advice Welwyn Hatfield to purchase home working IT equipment for two advisors who are providing advice and guidance to a range of vulnerable clients.