Commissioner comments on Extinction Rebellion protest
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has issued the following statement on the Extinction Rebellion protest in Broxbourne.

“I have always championed free speech, of which protest is a key part, but I am very concerned that the focus of this Extinction Rebellion action has been our free press.

“This will have dismayed most reasonable people, including me. The actions went beyond legitimate protest and Hertfordshire police rightly took firm action to end this blockade. 

“I was in contact with the Chief Constable during the events and understand from him that it was a difficult and complex operation which presented many challenges to our officers.  

“I am pleased that following robust action and dozens of arrests access, roads were successfully cleared and I thank our officers for their hard work in doing so.

“Clearly these are events we do not want to see repeated, and I will be talking to the Chief in the coming days about any lessons which can be learned.”