Businesses get free expert help to prevent cyber crime
A successful scheme to give Hertfordshire businesses free expert help to prevent cyber crime has been extended.

With millions of pounds being lost every year in the county to online crime and fraud, company owners can get advice from an IT professional.

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has relaunched Cyber Basics Reviews after none of the first one hundred companies surveyed since taking part subsequently fell victim to a cyber crime attack.

Run jointly with Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards, any of Hertfordshire’s small or medium-sized business can apply for an appointment with an accredited computer security provider.

Mr Lloyd said: “This scheme is aimed at supporting those small companies that have the least resources to protect themselves.

“The threat of cyber crime is one of the biggest facing our business in Hertfordshire. It is real problem which does not discriminate between micro companies and large multi-nationals.

“The excellent Cyber Basics Review scheme offers practical support available to mitigate the threat. An IT professional will guide companies through the steps they can take to improve their online security.

“Of the one hundred companies who have already used the scheme, 96 per cent brought in new measures and in the 12 months since taking part, none of them have been the victim of a successful cyber crime.

“It is a tangible service that offers solid advice, I know it works and how it can save livelihoods and jobs. Therefore, I am delighted to fund it for another year, and urge all those eligible to get involved.”

Michael Nadasdy, Programme Manager for Fraud and Cybercrime at Hertfordshire County Council said: “The Cyber Basics Review scheme is the perfect introduction to keeping your business secure against cybercriminals.

“If you are a Hertfordshire SME this is a fantastic opportunity to benefit from a free service that has been proven to protect businesses against cybercrime by implementing the simple to follow action plan that every participant receives.

“It is free at the point of contact and there is no obligation to take on good or services. It is simply a free crime prevention service being offered to Hertfordshire businesses.

“If you are looking at cyber security and it looks too hard or too confusing then let us take the strain. Assessments take an hour to carry out and can be done remotely.

“People think ‘They are not interested in my little business’ but these criminals are opportunistic. It is like a car thief going along trying handles on every car to find one that is unlocked. That is how phishing emails are designed to work.”

To secure your free CBR simply visit the Hertfordshire Growth Hub website and access their marketplace feature where you can find a number of accredited providers – just look for the ‘We Are Cyber Basics Aware’ logo.  Alternatively email with your contact details and request a review.

For straightforward, practical advice on protecting your business listen to a short ‘Introduction to Cybercrime’ podcasts.  Go to or search for ‘Introduction to Cybercrime’ on Spotify, Apple or your chosen podcast provider.