Plan to address Redbourn Road safety concerns
A plan to explore how to reduce deaths and serious injuries on a road between St Albans and Redbourn, has been agreed by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire.

David Lloyd has committed money from his Road Safety Fund to a phased approach to discovering and addressing the issues on the A5183 Redbourn Road.

Early next year the PCC’s new Road Safety Mobile Camera Vans will be deployed at various points along the carriageway to capture speed and volume data.  Notices will also be issued to those caught speeding in excess of the speed limit.

The information captured and other road safety issues will be considered with Hertfordshire County Council to determine whether any new measures are required.

This could lead to feasibility studies and public consultation on such measures as the need for speed cameras. The third stage of the bid is to possibly support specific safety measures to complement Hertfordshire County Council’s longer-term plans for introducing a new cycle lane/footpath as part of their Active Travel Works along the entire road.

Mr Lloyd said: “I am very aware of public safety concerns on this section of the former Watling Street as a main arterial link between communities to the west of St Albans and feel this staged approach will enable some immediate action to be taken.

“Every death or serious injury is one too many and funding from my office will enable options to be explored between all partners to make it safer for the public.”

Road safety concerns are frequently raised by the residents of Hertfordshire to the Commissioner, these include anti-social driving, speeding, using mobile phones plus drug and drink driving.

The Road Safety Fund looks to fund new and innovative ways of improving road safety and changing behaviour.

It uses the surplus generated from motorists who have committed driving offences and been ordered to pay court costs following prosecution, or who have attended speed awareness courses.