Have your say on Hertfordshire’s hate crime strategy
It’s time to have your say on the draft five-year strategy for tackling hate crime in Hertfordshire from 2021 to 2026.

Already many key organisations have responded to Hertfordshire’s Hate Crime Strategy Consultation but there’s still time to get your voice heard before the January 29, 2021 deadline.

The online survey should only take around 10 minutes to complete. Individual responses will not be identified or shared.

Amie Birkhamshaw, Director of Strategy at the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This strategy has been informed by our 2020 analysis of hate crimes committed in Hertfordshire, the county’s existing hate crime strategy and the government’s Action Against Hate plan.

“Supported by a yearly delivery plan, the strategy takes a whole system approach, from prevention to enforcement, with a focus on victim support. Hate crime will not be tolerated in Hertfordshire.

"We want to prevent it from happening, raise awareness of the issues and encourage people to report hate crime.”
Hate crimes include assaults, threats or acts of vandalism, or any other crime committed against someone because of their disability, race, religion, transgender identity or sexual orientation.

Amie added: “The impact of a hate crime on someone can be devastating. It can cause them to lose their confidence and be fearful about coming and going from their home, being out and about in public places or just going about their daily lives. Ultimately we want to improve how we prevent hate crime in Hertfordshire and keep people safe.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary’s hate crime lead, Detective Chief Inspector Pete Frost, added: “We want to increase the number of victims reporting offences against them so we can do something about it, so we can better understand the scale of the problem, and so victims can receive support from hate crime officers.

“Hate crimes and incidents can have a severe impact on the victim and on the wider community in which they occur and will not be tolerated in Hertfordshire. Any reported to police will be taken seriously and dealt with sensitively.”

Please, don’t ignore hate, report it. Anyone who has been a victim or witnesses a hate crime can report the matter to the police either by phone, online or to one of the many third party reporting centres around the county.

You can report hate crime online at herts.police.uk/report or online through the True Vision website report-it.org.uk

Speak to an operator in our Force Communications Room via our online web chat at herts.police.uk/contact 

Call the non-emergency number 101. In an emergency dial 999.

For more information about where to report hate crime visit hertsagainsthate.org