Follow the COVID restrictions or face a fine says Commissioner
Hertfordshire residents are being urged to stay home and stay safe, or risk a fine as police will enforce the rules against blatant offenders.
Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has recorded a video message praising the vast majority who are doing their best stop the coronavirus spreading.

He is reminding everyone that all unnecessary contact with another person, puts people and their families at higher risk. It is also a potential link in a transmission chain that could lead to a vulnerable person.

Since March 2020 Hertfordshire Constabulary have issued over 400 fixed penalty notices, which has included those attending parties, and vehicle drivers and passengers who were not on essential journeys.

The government advice is only leave your home if it is essential to do so, and stay local. The limited reasons include to exercise, to shop for groceries, to buy medicine, to go to work if you absolutely cannot work from home, and to escape domestic abuse.

Mr Lloyd said: “We have been warned that we are entering the most dangerous phase of the pandemic. Our county has some of the highest infection rates, we need to protect our fellow citizens and our NHS.

“While we as individuals play our part, I can assure you that our police officers are dedicated to keeping us safe. On behalf of us all I thank them for that.
“In addition to arresting criminals as they did before the virus, they are charged with enforcing the new restriction laws.

“They have a very difficult role in ensuring the treatment of members of the public is balanced and proportionate.

“Enforcing these laws saves lives. Officers have, and will continue to question and fine those who are blatantly ignoring them. Hundreds of fines have been issued in Hertfordshire during lockdown and more will continue to be given out for those who wilfully ignore the guidelines.”

Mr Lloyd added: “Please remember during these difficult times there is hope. This week one of the country’s seven mass vaccination centres has opened in Stevenage, and has already started providing protection for our most vulnerable members of society.

“We are not helpless against the virus, every decision you make either increases or decreases the risks of it spreading and infecting someone else.
My role is to ensure the constabulary are doing their upmost to protect lives, your role is to stay at home. Please play your part for the sake of us all, and protect the NHS.”

For the latest information on the official government guidance visit at and health advice is available at the NHS website