PCC's message to explain how businesses can prevent cyber crime
Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has recorded a message for local businesses to explain how they can prevent cyber crime.

Many small and medium sized firms do not believe they will be targeted by online criminals and therefore do not take the proper precautions.

But thousands of business in the county have money or information stolen every year, despite the simple steps they could take to protect themselves.

“Many small businesses don’t think they are at risk, but SMEs have to understand: you are a target, you must take the threat seriously, you need to take action,” says Mr Lloyd in the video.

“I have created a scheme which provides a free cyber health check for your business. If you have fewer than 50 employees, you can have an hour-long, 1:1 consultation with a Government accredited IT company.

“They will provide you with an action plan identifying any risks to your business and how you can put it right.

“Over one hundred Hertfordshire SMEs have taken part in the scheme so far and none of them have fallen victim to cybercrime in the 12 months since taking part,” he adds.

The Cyber Basics Review scheme has recently been renewed for a second year.

Run jointly with Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards, any of Hertfordshire’s small or medium-sized business can apply for an appointment with an accredited computer security provider.

To secure your free CBR simply email CyberProtect@hertfordshire.gov.uk with your contact details and request a review.