Mr Lloyd supports changes to strengthen PCC role
Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed Home Office plans to strengthen the role.

David Lloyd reacted after the Home Secretary Priti Patel yesterday (Tuesday) outlined the recommendations of Part One of the PCC Review.

Along with many other PCCs nationally Mr Lloyd and his office contributed suggestions on how improvements could be made.

Mr Lloyd said the report recognised Commissioners’ roles in ensuring the public’s voice is heard, holding the Chief Constable to account, providing victim services and efforts to tackle the court backlog.

Reacting to the report Mr Lloyd said: “I was elected as Hertfordshire’s first ever Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012 and I am pleased to see the recommendations set out in the first phase of the review.

“PCCs across England and Wales have made a real difference to reducing crime and keeping people safe. In Hertfordshire our award-winning victim care centre, Beacon, has helped thousands of people and is recognised as one of the best in the country.

“Regular consultation with the public on my Police and Crime Plan ‘Everybody’s Business’ ensures the people have a real say on the policing they receive.

“Recently residents of Hertfordshire overwhelming told me they wanted more money to be raised through the Council Tax to pay for more officers, and Hertfordshire will soon have its largest force ever.”

He added: “I have a positive and constructive relationship with the Chief Constable, and work closely with partners in local and national government plus Criminal Justice to keep people safe.

“With the leader of the County Council I have created the Hertfordshire Emergency Services Collaboration Board to ensure a closer working relationship and shared facilities between police and fire. This has already brought real benefits in terms of improved public safety, and this work is set to continue with the report’s recommendations.”

 The initial recommendations will enhance the role of the PCC by:

-  changing the PCC voting system to first-past-the-post
- making sure PCCs provide the public with clear information on their force’s performance
- mandating the appointment of deputy PCCs to ensure continuity in unforeseen circumstances
- making changes to ensure more effective and consistent relationships between PCCs and chief constables

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “Police and Crime Commissioners play a crucial role as the elected voice of the people for crime and policing, which is why I am committed to ensuring they are accountable to the communities they serve and are strong, visible leaders in the fight against crime.

“These recommendations, once implemented, will strengthen and potentially extend the role of PCCs and help them deliver the safer streets that the British public deserve.”
The 2-part review was announced in July 2020 and delivers on a manifesto commitment to strengthen the accountability of PCCs and expand their role.