Safeguarding Hub extended to help more domestic abuse victims
A highly successful pilot scheme to support more victims of domestic abuse across the county has been expanded and extended.

The Beacon Safeguarding Hub will run for a second year, after it was established by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire to offer enhanced support.

Since its formation the unit has contacted an average of 340 medium risk domestic abuse victims every month.

The Beacon Safeguarding Hub, an extension of the Beacon victim care model, is situated in the Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (DAISU) at Hatfield Police Station.

The Hub’s original five-strong team is set to expand following approval by the Police and Crime Commissioner to introduce additional funding to support this scheme. This will allow it to extend support to all victims of Domestic Abuse who report to the police as well as victims of rape and exploitation.

Agreeing the changes PCC David Lloyd said: “Preventing crime and helping victims will always be at the centre of everything we do, and the Beacon Safeguarding Hub is an excellent example of what can be achieved.

“They have already supported thousands of victims, providing them with access to help and preventing repeat victimisation.

“The evidence has shown that it has improved the conviction rates for offenders by supporting victims throughout the criminal justice process.

“This enhanced programme for Hertfordshire residents goes beyond current government legislation, which says this level of service only has to be offed to high risk victims. The Safeguarding Hub has been reaching eighty per cent of medium risk victims, but with today’s increased investment we are aiming to support everyone in this category.

“In Beacon, Hertfordshire already has one of the best victim care centres in the country, and this new Safeguarding Hub further builds on their outstanding work.”

Working with Safeguarding Command staff at the Beacon Safeguarding Hub make proactive calls and contact with medium risk victims to offer and assess additional support they may need. This can include emotional and practical support, with those identified to be most in need offered a complete support plan.

The uptake of support surpassed expectation with 49 per cent of those contacted accepting onward assistance. The typical uptake rate is 25 per cent.
The rate of Hertfordshire domestic violence victims and witnesses disengaging from magistrate court cases also dropped from 17 per cent in 2019 to just three per cent in 2020.