Latest Road Safety Fund opens for bids
Groups with innovative ideas on how to improve safety on Hertfordshire’s 4,000 miles of roads are encouraged to submit Expressions of Interest in the Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd’s Road Safety Fund.

Over the last five years the Fund has awarded over £1.3m to more than 75 schemes to improve safety in Hertfordshire.

Now Mr Lloyd has launched the second round of this year’s fund. It collects money from from motorists who have committed driving offences and been ordered to pay court costs following prosecution, or who have attended educational diversionary courses, such as a speed awareness course.

Successful previous applications have included speed indicator signs in villages, a project to support families affected by a fatal accidents and older drivers’ awareness courses.

The fund is not for initiatives that involve works to the Highways including crossings, traffic calming measures or requests to reduce speeds/introduce 20mph zones – these are within the remit of Hertfordshire County Council.

Public sector organisations, voluntary sector, community groups, parish councils and businesses are eligible to apply.

Opening the fund Mr Lloyd, said: “The Road Safety Fund gives local people and organisations a say in developing and designing local solutions to make our roads safer.

“It is funded by people who have transgressed speed limits, but the Fund is not about further punishing the motorist but educating them to protect all road users.

The fund focuses on a mix of education and enforcement.  It is used to raise awareness, educate people and correct dangerous behaviour.”

The Road Safety Fund is now open for expression of interest until on Monday 20th December 2021.  Organisations will then be invited to complete a full application form.

More details about the fund can be found on the PCC’s website: