20mph speed limits enforced across Herts
Roads with 20mph speed limits are policed and subject to enforcement the same as any other road, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire has said.

Following a question at a recent meeting of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel, David Lloyd reassured residents that the lower speed limit zones were liable to speed checks and offenders could be prosecuted.

Mr Lloyd said: “All 20mph areas must be properly placed within road traffic regulation and with appropriate signage. Often 20mph locations will already have additional control measures and traffic design such as filter points and tapers which would naturally slow motorists down. 

“Across Hertfordshire we use a phased approach with educational and behavioural measures implemented first through Community DriveSafe groups and the deployment of the Road Safety Camera Vans.

“This can progress to the deployment of the Safer Neighbourhood Team using a speed gun and issuing warning letters and fixed penalty tickets.”

Last month a Mr Lloyd announced a pilot trial where residents who are concerned about drivers breaking 20mph limits in their roads can apply to set up a new speed watch scheme. Citizens living in streets which have already have the lower speed limit can volunteer to form a DriveSafe group with their neighbours to encourage vehicles to slow down.

Those taking part in the programme, organised by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, will be trained to stand at the roadside and record details of speeding vehicles for sending advisory letters to the owners, with the aim of encouraging them to reduce their speed.

Residents can also request one of four new road safety camera vans provided by the PCC which are available for the public to request to visit roads where they are worried about speeding. The vans operate particularly in lower speed zones, and locations where speeding is an issue but which have not necessarily involved deaths or serious injuries. More details on how to request a van can be found at the Commissioner’s website https://www.hertscommissioner.org/camera-vans.