Commissioner praises Success of A10 Cameras
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd has said the introduction of average speed cameras on a section of the A10 in Broxbourne is a major success in addressing residents’ concerns about road safety.

The cameras were installed in July 2016 following a successful bid to the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund.

The Road Safety Fund seeks to fund new and innovative ways of improving road safety – and responding directly to road safety concerns raised by local communities.  The grant has been created by using funds generated around the administration of motoring offences and speed awareness courses.  It is part of the Commissioner’s Offender Pays strategy.

The A10 cameras were put in place to address recurring incidents of groups of drivers meeting to race on the road between Broxbourne and Cheshunt.

There have been no recorded incidents of racing since the cameras were introduced – though 404 people have been caught speeding.

Mr Lloyd who visited Broxbourne on an annual district day visit last week said: “The A10 camera bid demonstrates how the road safety fund can empower local communities and help them to identify and address road safety issues of most concern to them.

These cameras have made a real difference to the quality of life and safety of local residents and drivers.”

Inspector for Broxbourne, Roy Stammers added: “The cameras have had a significant impact on the anti-social and dangerous behaviour of drivers using the road.  Racers would gather in Enfield, North London and drive dangerously down the A10 from the Brookfield area.”
Dates for the next round of applications for funding for the Road Safety Fund will be announced in the Autumn.
The Police and Crime Commissioner, David Lloyd also met with local councillors, police and community safety partners during his visit to Broxbourne.

He used the opportunity to answer questions around the current consultation on taking on the governance of Herts Fire and Rescue.
Under this proposal, there would be a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner setting the strategy for both services and holding both chief officers to account, as happens with the police at the moment.

The Commissioner explained to local councillors: “It’s really important to get the views from people in Broxbourne and across Hertfordshire on this proposal. As part of the consultation, I will reflect those views in the final submission to the home office for review.”

A full business case explaining the local case for bringing both services to working closer together can be found on the Commissioner’s website -

The consultation is open until August 14th and comments can be sent to

Mr  Lloyd also heard how funding that the council received through the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Community Safety Grant earlier in the year, is being used to benefit young people in the Borough of Broxbourne.

Weekly youth diversionary projects using sporting activities to engage with large numbers of young people, including those at risk of involvement with ASB or crime are being set up and targeting locations identified as ‘hot spots.’

The Commissioner was delighted to hear of these projects and said: “In delivering against my new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, I want these grants to contribute towards reducing crime and making sure that Hertfordshire remains a safe place to live.”