Community Safety & Criminal Justice Fund 2021/22

In line with the ambitions outlined in the PCC’s Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan (CSCJ), a new commissioning-based approach is now in place to ensure that funding is targeted around thematic areas and delivers on the required outcomes.  Previously the Commissioner allocated approximately £1million annually, via an open bidding process, to a range of community safety & criminal justice projects across Hertfordshire.

Action 29 in the Plan refers to ‘moving away from grant giving and developing a Commissioning Plan in order to bring greater business benefits as a result of being more targeted and specific, fully understanding and scoping current and future demand, identifying gaps and, desired priority outcomes. By adopting the following process, the Commissioner hopes to effectively evaluate competing priorities and enable collaborative work with partners.

Steps 1 & 2: Analyse / Understand need / Plan
Hertfordshire Constabulary are required to provide an annual assessment of policing need in Hertfordshire.  The OPCC works with the force, service providers, partners and the community to understand the service needs in Hertfordshire for which the Commissioner has responsibilities and the extent to which the needs are being met and how.

Together with research, data and consultation feedback from users, providers and partners, will help determine the key drivers of demand, gaps in service delivery and outcomes. This will enable a greater assessment of where the Commissioner can add value and make a positive impact.

It is recognised that other service providers/partners may not have the capacity/skills required to engage with market appraisals and bid writing.  OPCC staff will therefore take on the role of facilitators in order to foster/develop these relationships with potential applicants, not only through the scoping phase, but throughout the delivery of the service/project including the management of risks.

Step 3: Assess and Approve Proposals
Proposals submitted will be assesses/scored against set criterion which in the interests of transparency will be published on this webpage.  The highest scoring proposals in relation to technical expertise and specialism, including ability to deliver to time and within budgets, will be invited to present their proposal to the Commissioner.  This will enable applicants to expand on the detail of their proposal, including any areas for development identified by the assessment including any anticipated risks.

Successful proposals will be awarded funding for up to 1 year, with potential for multi-year funding awards dependent upon satisfactory progress during year 1.  Where relevant, it is expected that funding may reduce incrementally for multi-year award to ensure sustainability of delivery beyond the life of the funding.  There will be a competitive element to this stage which all applicants will be made aware of.

Step 4: Review, Monitor & Evaluate
Proposals awarded funding would be required to report performance on a quarterly basis and present an annual review at the relevant Board/Partnership.  This enables the Commissioner to understand how well the activities that have been commissioned are delivering the priorities and outcomes in the CS&CJ Plan.

Full project evaluation is required to be submitted at the end of the project with the evaluation framework agreed prior to the project initiation.

Criteria and Conditions
Further details on the application process including the criteria for assessing proposals, the conditions that will apply, eligibility and the associated timetable for each stage of the process will be published on this webpage.  It is proposed that the Commissioner will seek opportunities to commission activities/initiatives from a wide range of organisations including other PCCs/forces, public sector organisations, charitable sector or the private sector in order to minimise duplication and achievement of outcomes.  Extending eligibility to the private sector will also ensure greater commerciality, whilst acknowledging that there are a number of providers in the market place who have expertise and specialism.

How to Apply

The fund is currently closed.  Further opportunities to develop proposals will be published here in 2022.

If you have any questions about this fund please e-mail