Employer Supported Policing

Businesses big and small across Hertfordshire are being encouraged to join a scheme which works with employers, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Hertfordshire Constabulary to strengthen community safety.
Employer Supported Policing is a simple but powerful partnership which sees employers support their staff to train and patrol as Special Constables (volunteer police officers with full police powers).

In his Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan David Lloyd has encouraged businesses across Hertfordshire to support Employer Supported Policing - “Keeping Hertfordshire safe is everybody's business and organisations can play their part by supporting employees to become Special Constables.”

“The ESP scheme is a brilliant way of bringing trained and experienced professionals into the Constabulary.

There are over 60,000 businesses in Hertfordshire who have talented employees whose skills would benefit and enhance key areas in policing.

In return we can guarantee employers that their staff will take unique and transferable benefits back to Hertfordshire’s organisations.”

Once trained, Specials carry out patrols in areas across Hertfordshire during some of their usual working hours and some of their own time.

Special Constables develop key leadership and communication skills they are able to use back in their day job.

There are currently 25 organisations signed up to the scheme including but not limited to Tesco, Which?, Mc Mullen Brewery and Sons and District and Borough Councils.

Special Constables will have opportunities to work in diverse duties which range from working in the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit and Prisoner Handling Teams.

Officers with ICT skills can also work alongside Cyber Crime teams to deliver online safeguarding and crime prevention advice.

Employers signing up to the scheme can tailor it to the needs of their business, which will include giving staff some paid leave for training, duties and emergencies.

To register your organisation's interest in ESP, email ESP@herts.pcc.pnn.gov.uk or call 01707 806150.

You can also find more information about the Specials at www.hertspolicespecials.co.uk

More information on the scheme