About David Lloyd

David Lloyd has been Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire since 2012.

His focus has been on delivering effective and efficient policing, supporting victims, promoting partnership working and delivering on the public’s priorities.

He believes that well resourced neighbourhood policing teams are not only vital to preserving the close and supportive relationship between the police and the communities which they serve but also the most effective way to cut crime.

As PCC he has therefore protected Hertfordshire’s local policing teams from the cuts which have been seen so widely across the country.

Mr Lloyd is also recognised for the pioneering work he has done in developing and improving support services for victims of crime. The Beacon Victim Service, which he launched, has received national recognition for its innovation in areas such as the development of the Vulnerable Victim Case Manager role.

In addition Mr Lloyd has been a strong campaigner for reform of the wider criminal justice system, arguing that the agencies involved need to work more closely together to provide a better service to the public and in particular to the victims of crime.

He now chairs the Hertfordshire Criminal Justice Board and is using that position to encourage collaboration and develop a change programme.

At national level, Mr Lloyd has been a leading member of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners since its foundation and served both as a board member and chairman of the organisation.

He has been an influential participant in many of the key national debates in the public safety arena  and has served on a range of bodies including the government’s Serious Violence Taskforce.

He is currently a member of the National Criminal Justice Board and  is a member and past chair of the Police Reform and Transformation Board.

Prior to his election as PCC, Mr Lloyd was the deputy leader of Hertfordshire County Council, as well as serving as borough councillor in Dacorum. He was also chair of the Hertfordshire Police Authority and was the executive member for the Fire and Rescue Service at the county council.
Outside politics his career has been in banking and personal finance.
He has a degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Birmingham and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

He is married with two children.


My Role

As Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, I am responsible for appointing the county’s Chief Constable and holding him accountable for the way the local police force is run.

I am also in charge of setting the policing budget and council tax precept.

As well as working closely with the police, I work with a full range of other public services including health, social services, probation and other organisations that deal with a variety of issues related to crime, community safety or criminal justice.

 Together we are working to reduce crime, keep our communities safe and ensure that the criminal justice system works well.

Some of my key legal responsibilities are to:
  • Set the Hertfordshire’s policing budget and precept (the element of your council tax that pays for policing)
  • Hold the Chief Constable to account for operational policing and commissioning services from him
  • Work with local partners to prevent crime and re-offending
  • Be the voice of the public and victims of crime
  • Appoint and, if necessary, dismiss the Chief Constable
  • Set a five year Police and Crime Plan and determine local policing priorities
PCC Election Results 2021

The difference between the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable
Police and Crime Commissioner Chief Constable                             
Makes sure the views and needs of residents and business are represented Must deliver an effective police force and had direct control over officer and staff
Sets police priorities and decides police budget Leads and makes decisions on all aspects of operational policing
Acts on behalf of the electorate to hold the Chief Constable to account The most senior police officer in Hertfordshire
Sets the Council Tax Precept contribution to policing Responsible for delivery of operational policing 
Accountable to the public Accountable to the PCC
Elected into office Politically independent

My Deputy

I have appointed Lewis Cocking as Deputy Commissioner. He will assist me in driving forward the Police and Crime Plan, working with partner organisations and engaging with the public. 

He is currently Leader of Broxbourne Borough Council and has worked as a policy, communications and funding manager in a global low-carbon engergy and services company.

His appointment was unanimously endorsed by the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel. Mr Cocking is due to take up the new role by September 2021.

Community Engagement

Public Engagement

In my last Plan I said I wanted the Constabulary to set a strategic vision statement which will require transparency, openness and ethical behaviour to be the foundation of our communication and engagement with the public.

This joint engagement strategy sets out how to contact my office and the Constabulary to help keep people safe, catch criminals and reduce crime.