Road Safety Camera Vans

Using the surplus generated from motorists who have committed driving offences, the Commissioner has begun deploying four vehicles in response to public requests for more action to be taken against motorists who speed.

Individuals can raise issues of speeding in their neighbourhoods by completing a Community Concern Form that is available at the bottom of this page.
Forms received will be considered alongside other concern forms submitted, local Police intelligence and other partner organisation feedback.

Requested locations will also be assessed to ensure that it is feasible for van deployment and whilst there is no guarantee that all requests will be successful, every effort will be made to ensure some coverage.

The vans will primarily be deployed in 30mph zones as well as locations where speeding is an issue but which have not necessarily involved deaths or serious injuries.

The vans will work alongside the usual speed management measures including the existing speed camera vans, officer enforcement and the Community DriveSafe scheme.

How to request a van in your area

To register concerns and request a van in your area please download and complete the form below and send to

PCC Road Safety Camera Van Concern Form

Please provide as much information as you can regarding the location and time of the day. The vans can only be deployed where a safe and suitable parking location can be identified.

The vans on deployment around the county