Code of Ethics and Hertfordshire Constabulary

Ahead of the Police Service Code of Ethics being laid before Parliament the Hertfordshire Constabulary had already begun formalising plans for its force-wide adoption.

The Code takes forward previous work undertaken by the force to generate trust, confidence and reassurance through excellent service and victim care.

The Constabulary has created a new Equality, Ethics and Integrity Board (EEIB) supported by key working groups to take forward key areas if business to ensure the principles surrounding the Code are understood and embedded.

David Lloyd sits on the Force’s new Equality, Ethics and Integrity Board which will be directing the force adoption of the Code. He said: “The Code of Ethics makes clear the ethical principles that should guide and support all police staff and volunteers in the difficult decisions they routinely make. My role is to scrutinise and provide support as the Constabulary moves forward in its adoption of the Code and to ensure that is has been embraced by officers, staff and volunteers at every level.  In addition to my seat on the EEIB, I table regular ethics & integrity topics to my Strategic Executive Board to facilitate targeted scrutiny across a range of key areas across the Constabulary." 

"The Code itself presents an exciting opportunity for the police service to revitalise itself and re-focus its attention on improving levels of confidence and satisfaction in the service it provides."

The first of its kind for the Policing Service, the Code of Ethics will apply to every police officer and member of police staff as well as contractors and volunteers working in policing including the Special Constabulary. It sets out the standards of behaviour that the public can expect from officers and staff in every role and at every level and will help guide decision making.

It brings policing into line with other trusted professions that have such codes, like those in medicine and law and, as a professional service is something we very much value. The Code will help shape the definition of good leadership and support the work the force undertakes around diversity, victim care and equal opportunities.

Hertfordshire started the work around improving service delivery some years ago but the Code gives the force a practical focus and bench mark around quality and consistency that are recognised across the service. It will help us build public confidence and provide greater transparency and accountability.

David Lloyd