What is DriveSafe?

Worried about speeding through your village, street or neighbourhood? Now you can get actively involved by volunteering to run a Community DriveSafe scheme.

 In response to your concerns about speeding in your communities, I have launched Community DriveSafe. By engaging local communities, the object of this campaign is to educate drivers and make local roads safer, using roadside speed monitoring and promoting awareness.

DriveSafe works differently from previous neighbourhood speed initiatives – communities will be empowered to ensure the safety of their local area by coming together and being given the means to take action themselves.

Volunteers are given speed display equipment and stand at the roadside monitoring passing vehicles.

Speeding motorists are sent an advisory letter and those who speed frequently could receive a visit from a police officer.

How to apply

20mph DriveSafe Pilot

To apply to be part of the DriveSafe pilot for 20mph zones please complete and return this petition form and email it to pccadmin@herts-pcc.gov.uk ..

Applicants must provide details of at least four people willing to volunteer at the roadside, as well as two lead volunteers, and have the signatures of at least 10 residents whose addresses are located in the affected area. The deadline for submitting a petition is the 28th February 2022.

Volunteer groups will be asked to operate for 12 roadside sessions, with sessions starting in spring and ending in autumn 2022. 

Please note that applications must meet these site criteria to be accepted.

If you have any queries please phone: 07783 765993 or email: glenn.edwards@herts-pcc.gov.uk.

30mph Drivesafe Group
To initiate a new DriveSafe group, please complete and return the petition form

You will need at least 10 names of which preferably five would be willing to volunteer.

You must give exact details of where you would like to to be active, stating, for example, 'outside number 10' rather than naming the entire road.  

You should then email your petition to: pccadmin@herts-pcc.gov.uk or post to:

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner,
Harpenden Police Station,
15 Vaughan Road,

Having sent your petition, the Police and Crime Commissioner's office will liaise with the constabulary to have a Traffic Management Officer check your site and to have your lead volunteers vetted.

This entire process could take up to three months.

All schemes will then be provided with training and equipment to undertake roadside speed monitoring, as well being introduced to your Volunteer Advisor.