FOI Disclosure Log 2020

Please find below all Freedom of Information Act 2000 requests received by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire and the related responses.  We are required by the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (The Act) to handle all requests in a manner that is blind to the identity of the requestor.  Any information released in response to a request is regarded as being published and therefore, in the public domain without caveat.
Reference Subject Date Received
FOI001/20 OPCC Subject Access Request Procedure
Annex A
Annex B

FOI002/20 Roads and safety Inspections 31/12/2019
FOI003/20 NATO Event 06/01/2020
FOI004/20 Drug Consumption Rooms
Annex A Email from Martin Powell
Annex A Consultation Flyer
Annex B Email from Martin Powell
Annex B POCA Funding for HAT
FOI005/20 Paramedics attacked on duty 22/01/2020
FOI006/20 Grants Awarded 24/01/2020
FOI007/20 OPCC Salary Expenditure 30/01/2020
FOI008/20 Expenditure on LGBT logos on Police vehicles 19/02/2020
FOI009/20 Traffic Offenses 26/02/2020
FOI010/20 Car Parks 02/03/2020
FOI011/20 Mental Health 03/03/2020
FOI012/20 Unauthorised Encampments 05/03/2020
FOI013/20 Senior Information Risk Owner 09/03/2020
FOI014/20 Subject Access Request 12/03/2020
FOI015/20 Total Police Numbers 17/03/2020
FOI016/20 OPCC staff structure
Annex A - OPCC staff structure
FOI017/20 Subject Access Request 19/04/2020
FOI018/20 HR Organisational Change 23/04/2020
FOI019/20 COVID-19 Notifiable Incidents 23/04/2020
FOI020/20 Cost of Interpreters 30/04/2020
FOI021/20 Subject Access Request 09/05/2020
FOI022/20 Website Access 24/05/2020
FOI023/20 Prosecutions of Motor Vehicle Drivers 01/06/2020
FOI024/20 Racial Bias 03/06/2020
FOI025/20 Policing and Racial Equality 08/06/2020
FOI026/20 Subject Access Request 05/08/2020
FOI027/20 Witness Statements 07/08/2020
FOI028/20 Police Incident 10/08/2020
FOI029/20 Safer Streets Fund 16/08/2020
FOI030/20 Bridgend County Borough Council Loan 26/08/2020
FOI031/20 Community Resolution Guidelines 01/09/2020
FOI032/20 Police Reports on Borehamwood Venues 08/09/2020
FOI033/20 Police Report 21/09/2020
FOI034/20 Cannabis Evidence 06/10/2020
FOI035/20 Preferred Contractor Lists 19/10/2020
FOI036/20 Police Station Definition 20/10/2020
FOI037/20 Police Connections 02/11/2020
FOI038/20 Essex Police Facebook Post 08/11/2020
FOI039/20 Holding the Police to Account
Appendix A SEB Agenda & Minutes
FOI040/20 IT Security Contact 13/12/2020
FOI041/20 Commissioned Provisions for Mental Health
Appendix A
FOI042/20 Crime Figures 21/12/2020