March 2017

The following grants were announced in March 2017.

1. Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue (Countywide): Awarded £5,000, this funding will enable the delivery of ten OPALSs events across Hertfordshire during the year.  These multiagency community events are intended to provide information and advice to elderly and frail people in a friendly social setting.

2. Herts Fire and Rescue – Hemel Hempstead: Awarded £5,000 for a project, to facilitate a four week evening course delivered at fire stations.  Think Safe supports adults with learning difficulties by empowering them to talk about and learn how to keep themselves safe from personal abuse, fires and crime, and what to do if problems arise.
3. Welwyn Hatfield CSP: Awarded £5,000 to run multiagency 'community reassurance' crime prevention events in Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City. 

4. Stevenage SoSafe Community Safety Partnership: Awarded £3,000 to run engagment and community reassurance events to help to support victims of crime, their families and the wider community in Stevenage.   

5. Hertsmere Community SafetyPartnership: Awarded £5,000 to support an innovative approach to community engagement based on the ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ approach developed by an ex-Neighbourhood Inspector.  Community sessions will cover Bushey and Radlett, and Potters Bar and Shenley

6. Watford Community Safety Partnership: Awarded £5,000 to fund a new CCTV camera in St Mary’s churchyard, Watford, specifically to address a new increase in anti-social behaviour.This is adjacent to assisted living housing and vulnerable residents and visitors are affected. The camera will be maintained by Watford Borough Council 



May 2017

The following grant recipients were announced in May 2017.

1. Swan Youth Project: Awarded £4,913 to run a drug advice project for young people in the Berkhamstead area through existing drop in sessions, special workshops and volunteering.  

2. Age Concern: Awarded £4,914 to work in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch to deliver a scheme to protect especially the vulnerable in Boxmoor.

3. Excite-ed CiC: Awarded £2,910 to run an after school club App Development club in the Potters Bar area which will teach 11-14 year olds to research, design and publish their own E-Safety app tackling the issue of ‘Sexting’

4. The Living Room, Hertfordshire: Awarded £4,964 to support 50 people with complex co-existing domestic abuse and addiction issues stemming from childhood abuse or trauma. 

5. Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline: Awarded £5,000, this Helpline plans to supplement its phone line and increase its visibility and accessibility through social media.The campaign will be developed and supported and staff and volunteers will be trained to sustain it. 

6. CAB St Albans District: Awarded £5,000. The aim of this project is to take advice into Asian communities in St Albans, including recruiting new advisers from those communities, to help overcome the reluctance of Asian women to ask for help. 

7. The Gifted Organisation Ltd.: Awarded £4,950 which will go towards running a seven 6 week engaging media and mentoring programmes for young people at risk to help educate them about the issues around gangs, alcohol, drugs and solvent abuse.

8. Herts Area Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre: ( Countywide) Awarded £2,000 towards a database to help the group work more efficiently and provide more detailed information about the impact on victims of their support work.

9. Groundwork East, Hemel Hempstead, Dacorum: Awarded £5,000 to for a programme to undertake practical conservation activity in Bunkers Park Hemel Hempstead with people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction to help support recovery and prevent relapse.


July 2017

The following grant recipients were announced in July 2017.

1. Three Rivers District Council: Awarded £2,465 to create a variety of resources to be used at Community Safety Partnership events during the year. They hope this will contribute to achieving an improvement in the ‘feeling safe’ score of the annual residents’ survey.

2. Mediation Hertfordshire: Awarded £5,000, the project will support 10 community mediation interventions to residents in Stevenage and Welwyn Hatfield who are suffering neighbourhood conflict and disputes. 

3. NYAS: ( Countywide) Awarded £2,933. This organisation matches volunteers and befrienders (called Independent Visitors) to young people in care, building up a relationship of trust with the intention of helping them build self-esteem and confidence. This funding will be used for a ‘positive activities’ budget for the independent visitors to use with the young people, including sporting, cultural and educational activities. The funding will be for 8 months.


September 2017

The following grant recipients were announced in September 2017.

1. Watford Community Safety Partnership: Awarded £4,700 to fund publicity and media for a campaign to encourage members of the public to support rough sleepers and the homeless by giving to the charities and organisations who provide support. A positive campaign to educate the public about the support available and to discourage ‘professional begging’

2. Mid Herts Raynet: (West and East Herts) Awarded £3,000 to replace the old generator used in the Mobile Communications Unit which is staffed by volunteers who support community policing initiatives.

3. HACRO:(West and Central Herts)  Awarded £5,000. A partnership project to support offenders undertaking unpaid work community sentences and to improve chances of employment.

4.Citizens Advice Stevenage: Awarded £4,987 to fund a dedicated adviser to work alongside the Stevenage Domestic Abuse service.

5. Future Living Hertford: Awarded £5,000 for a therapeutic music project to support 16-19 year olds with addictive behaviours.

6. So Safe Stevenage: Awarded £2,900. This funding will support a training programme for North Herts College students to become active community safety ambassadors.