Commissioner's Community Fund - Grant Recipients March 2014

The following grants were announced in July 2014.

1. Bishop’s Stortford Street Pastors have been awarded £700 to train and equip Volunteer Street pastors.

2. Hertfordshire Police Annual Community Cricket Match has been awarded £400 to host a cricket match between the police and a team from the community to enhance and develop community relations.

3. Future Living (based in Hertford) has been awarded £14,000 to provide a psycho social intervention programme for people across Hertfordshire suffering from addictions.

4. Herts Watch has been awarded £2,800 to print and distribute 40,000 door step stickers to discourage cold calling across Hertfordshire.

5. East Herts Neighbourhood Watch has been awarded £5,000 for Operation Stomp. This is an East Herts multi-agency project to help the more vulnerable members of our community stay safe.

6. Bishop’s Stortford Youth Project has been awarded £15,000 to train volunteers at a newly opened youth café to help troubled young people and to reduce anti-social behaviour.

7. Farming For All (Watford) has been awarded £16,770 to provide two Care Farm courses, for eight weeks, for up to 10 offenders and two returning offenders in Hertfordshire. Six courses have been run already and have proven highly successful in helping to steer people at high risk of offending away from crime by providing them with practical, life and employment skills..

8. Groundwork Hertfordshire has been awarded £16,624 to build on its ‘Green Aiders’ service in East Herts funded by PCC 2013/14 by extending the programme to Stevenage. Green Aiders helps vulnerable, elderly and disabled householders, whose gardens have fallen into a state of disrepair and are therefore at greater risk of being targeted for burglary or doorstep crime and/or which are causing them other safety problems such as trips and falls. 

9. Herts People First has been awarded £15,050 to further develop Keep Safe throughout Hertfordshire through funding new post of community coordinator. Keep Safe provides safe havens in public places for people with learning disabilities where they can feel confident to go for help and advice if they are being harassed, bullied or are simply feeling scared.

10. The Living Room in St Albans has been awarded £5,350 to expand its services to people with all forms of addictions. The funding will pay for increased staffing to help cope with the increased numbers of referrals.

11. University of Hertfordshire Students Union has been awarded £6,800 to deliver two awareness campaigns about student property burglaries and anti-drink-spiking.

12. Youth Connexions has been awarded £3,000 to offer young people, who have been excluded from mainstream schools, challenging diversionary activities in Hertsmere.

13. Druglink has been awarded £5,000 to set up a Coffee Cart service in Hertsmere Civic Offices to aid recovering drug and alcohol clients (Hertsmere). This will be match funded by Hertsmere CSP.

14. Pod53 in Stevenage has been awarded £24,000 to extend the provision of work experience/life skills training for young offenders by funding a new project manager. The project encourages them to gain work experience and develop a positive understanding of the local community. The CCF grant will pay for a project manager for its ‘Re-Shape’ project which will provide mentoring and educational training support for young offenders.

Commissioner's Victims Funding - Grant Recipients July 2014

Victim services funding (total £63,917):
1. Victim Support has been awarded £4,472 for a three-month pilot of an Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor located within Watford General Hospital. This will be added to funding previously given through the CCF, increasing the pilot to a full year.

2. Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Helpline has been awarded £12,000 to increase capacity to deliver services to younger (14-16yrs) and older or disabled victims through paying for specialist training for two abuse counsellors, and promoting the centre’s service through advertising.

3. Hertfordshire Practical Parenting Programme has been awarded £4,445 to provide a keep safe card to siblings who are victims of child/parent violence so they are able to identify local and national agencies who can offer additional support and assist in making the right life choices.

4. Stevenage Borough Council, working with NSPCC, has been awarded £30,000 to pay for training for a multi-agency response team for domestic abuse affecting children. The training will enable professionals to deliver the NSPCC’s DART programme which aims to reduce the impact of domestic abuse on the child by rebuilding relationships with their mother.

5. Evolve has been awarded £6,000 to fund evening classes for groups of women helping them to identify and understand domestic abuse in their relationship, perpetrator behaviour, the effects it has on their family and their own emotional well-being. 

6. Mediation Hertfordshire has been awarded £7,000 to pay for community mediation for low-level or repeat anti-social behaviour cases in Dacorum. This project will bring offenders and victims together to explore and understand their perspectives and possible resolutions.