Commissioners Fund - Grant Recipients March 2015

The following grants were announced in May 2015.

The groups receiving CCF funding (total £155,475).

Victim services funding (total £7,200).

1. ASCEND (Three Rivers): Awarded £14,490 to provide weekly sessions for victims, witnesses and those at risk of becoming victims providing help, support and advocacy for a range of issues. 

2. Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce (Countywide): Awarded £2,000 to provide Cybercrime prevention for Hertfordshire businesses. 
3. Jackie’s Drop in Centre (Countywide): Awarded £1,018 to facilitate confidential reporting of hate crime within a drop in centre of adults with disabilities. 

4. 1 Decision Ltd (Countywide): Awarded £21,185 to provide Fire Service and crime reduction education module to primary school children. 

5. St Albans CAB (Countywide): Awarded £15,554 to deliver a scam and on-line safety initiative to elderly and vulnerable clients.

6. Child UK (Countywide): Awarded £25,379 to provide a range of street based structured activities for 11-19 year olds who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour. 
7. CHEXS (Broxbourne): Awarded £21,979 to provide a range of activities and opportunities to volunteer for community work to 13 -15 year olds at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour. 

8. Herts Sport Partnership (Countywide): Awarded £25,000 to provide targeted sport activities to 7 -15 year olds who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour. 

9. Vision4Growth CIC (Countywide):  Awarded £3,976 to deliver an initiative aimed at raising awareness of disability hate crime. 

10. Crimestoppers UK (Countywide): Awarded £22,291 initiative to encourage the increased reporting of crime amongst 3 targeted vulnerable groups to limit the number of repeat offences in vulnerable communities.
11. Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy (Watford): Awarded £2,603 to provide extension of Street Angel scheme to identified areas of need.
12. Herts Area Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre (Countywide): Awarded £7,200 for recruitment, training and retention of volunteer counsellors to enhance provision of victim services in Hertfordshire.