Commissioners Fund - Grant Recipients September 2014

The following grants were announced in December 2014.

The groups receiving CCF funding (total £48,417).
Victim services funding (total £16,000).

1. Westminster Drug Project (Countywide): Awarded £8,443 to help reduce intergenerational offending by employing a trained family worker to work intensively with 12 families across Hertfordshire as part of the Recovery Oriented Offender Treatment Service programme.

2. Betel of Britain (Countywide): Awarded £3,794 to purchase new landscaping equipment to help train ex-offenders in business and life skills.

3. St Albans Business Against Crime (St Albans): Awarded £2,000 to provide radios to retailers in St Albans District to help tackle business crime, together with a leaflet campaign to encourage retailers to join St Albans Business Against Crime scheme.

4. Watford African Caribbean Association (Watford): Awarded £600 to deliver a series of digital safety workshops on topics relating to internet security (staying safe, cyber-bullying, illegal downloading) for 58 pupils aged 5 to 16 years.

5. South Hill Centre (Dacorum): Awarded £18,300 to help reduce re-offending by offering 10 newly released offenders a mentor and home start kits.

6. Swan Youth Centre (Dacorum): Awarded £12,580 to provide a range of structured activities for 12-18 year olds who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour.

7. Herts Watch (Countywide): Awarded £2,700 to purchase ultraviolet pens and Neighbourhood Watch signs to support the increase of Neighbourhood Watch across the county.

8. Watford Women’s Centre (Watford and Three Rivers): Awarded £3,000 to fund a research project to map out a merger process between the Watford Women’s Centre and Herts Women’s Centre.

9. Youth Talk (St Albans and Harpenden): Awarded £5,000 to provide therapeutic interventions for young people aged 14-25 years who present with current and historic abuse and neglect.

10. The Open Toy Box (Dacorum and St Albans): Awarded £3,000 to offer 12 weeks of play therapy groups to children and young people aged up to 18 years old who have witnessed or suffered domestic abuse.

12. Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre (Countywide excluding North Herts and St Albans): Awarded £5,000 towards rewriting organisational policies and procedures and develop a handbook for volunteers to help support victims of male rape, historical rape and forced marriage.