Publication Scheme

My Freedom of Information Publication Scheme is a guide to the information that I will routinely publish.
I want to be open with the public, so this website will contain all the information that I make available.
If you have a comment about the operation of this Publication Scheme, if you would like the scheme, or any of the information it lists, in paper form or in another format (including Braille, tape, or in a language other than English), or you can't find what you are looking for, please Contact Me.

I have adopted the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme.

By using this Scheme, I have committed to making available information in the categories below, subject to legitimate charges and relevant exemptions.

If you would like to know more about the model publication scheme please contact the Information Commissioners Office.

It may take me some time to publish all the information I have listed. Pages will be updated as information becomes available.


Who I am and what I do

I will publish details about me, my deputy and my office staff in the ‘about me’ section of this website. 

This information will include:
  • My Contact details, office location etc.
  • My role and responsibilities
  • My office staff and organisation
  • Scheme of Governance

What I spend and how I will spend it
I will publish financial information in the Finances section of my website.

This will include:
  • My salary and allowances and those of my deputy
  • The salaries of senior employees of my office
  • Expenditure over £500
  • Copies of contracts and Invitations to tenders with a value of over £10,000 and a list of contracts with a value of less than £10,000
  • The annual policing budget and precept
  • Sources of revenue and my investment strategy
  • The identity of premises or land owned or occupied for the purposes of policing in the county

What my priorities are and how we are doing
I will publish regular information about policing priorities and force performance in the My Plan section of the website.

I will also publish information about my work with partners to improve community safety and crime and disorder reduction in an annual report.

How I make decisions
I will publish my policy on how I make decisions in my Policies and Publications page.

I will also publish records of how I have made my decisions including dates agendas, papers and minutes of public meetings in the Decisions and Meetings section.

My Policies and Procedures

I will publish policies regarding the delivery of my functions in my Policies and Publications section of this website.

This will include the following policies:
  • Complaints and Conduct
  • Decision making
  • Records Management
  • Whistleblowing
  • Commitment to Equality
  • Freedom of Information

Lists and registers
In the About Me section of this website I will publish a register of Disclosable Interests pertaining to me and to the Deputy Commissioner

In the Finances section of this website I will publish:
  • A register of gifts and hospitality offered to me, my deputy or members of my staff
  • A monthly transaction listing of expenditure over £500 incurred by my office or the Constabulary
  •  A copy of each Contract or Invitation to Tender for a Contract with a value of over £10,000
  • A list of all contracts with a value of less than £10,000

The services I provide
  • I will publish press releases direct to the media and on my Home Page and News Pages
  • I will publish my reports, publications, campaigns, articles and blogs on this website
  • I will publish guidance on making complaints on my Making a Complaint page
  • I will publish links to partner organizations throughout this website.

Complaint Reports

As part of the transparency agenda the Commissioner has committed to making as much information available to members of the public as possible.

This page contains reports and information about complaints and conduct matters.

The information includes matters raised about the Police as well as the Commissioner and his Deputy.

For information about how to raise a concern or make a complaint please go to the Making a Complaint page.
Complaints about the Commissioner or his Deputy
  • For Year 2017/18 none reported
  • For Year 2016/17 none reported
The Police and Crime Panel took responsibility for handling complaints against the Commissioner in 2015/16
 Complaints about the Police
The  below Professional Standards Department Quarterly Reports will no longer be published by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner


FOI Disclosure Log

The FOI disclosure log is a published record of all the FOI requests received by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner along with the relevant response.

2022 Disclosures

Disclosure Logs for Previous Year
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