Police and Crime Panel

police and crime panelAs well as being accountable to the people of Hertfordshire through the ballot box, my decisions and actions will be looked at by an independent panel.

The Police and Crime Panel consists of 14 members; one elected member from each local authority and three further members who ensure that the panel has political balance and a broad range of skill. 

The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel has been established to scrutinise and support the work of the Commissioner.

The Commissioner is required to consult with the Panel on his plans for policing, as well as the precept (the money collected from council tax for policing) and certain key appointments.

Broxbourne Borough Council is the host local authority for the Panel and provides administrative and other support to the Panel and its members. 

The panel will hold meetings in public and will publish the reviews and recommendations that they have made to me for the public to see. 

For more information go to the Police and Crime Panel website