Publications and Policies

During my time in office I will publish a range of policies and statutory reports.

I will also publish what other agencies say about my work. As the information becomes available it will be published in these pages.

Authorised Allowances
Code of Conduct
Decision Making 
Commitment to Equality
Freedom of Information 
Conduct and Complaints
Records Management

For a statement of the policy of the elected local policing body in relation to records management, including procedures for the security and sharing of information and the retention and destruction of documents please click here.

For information on whistleblowing, please see the Anti Fraud section on page 90 of the Financial Regulations Document.  Statutory provisions relating to the disclosure of information by employees (known as whistleblowing) to expose malpractice, criminal offences etc. within an organisation apply to police officers, police staff and the staff of the Police and Crime Commissioner.  Individuals are protected from action by their employer (for example victimisation or dismissal) in respect of disclosures falling within categories set out in section 43B of the Employment Rights Act 1996.  These statutory provisions are reflected in the policies that apply to staff of the Constabulary and the Police and Crime Commissioner and which set out the mechanisms available for confidential reporting and actions to be taken.

Also see Making a Complaint.

Scheme of Corporate Governance
Commissioners Annual Report 
Independent Custody Visiting Annual Report
Volunteer Dog Visitors Annual Report
Periodic Complaints Reports
Specified Information Order