New Guidance for Victims of Crime
The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s office has put together a new draft Victim's Information Booklet,  that offers advice to people who have been a victim of crime.

It gives vital information about what support and help is available and also what to expect if you have to go through the Criminal Justice System.

The aftermath of a crime can be daunting time and the booklet has been created to guide you on that journey and offer advice. You also don’t even need to report a crime to the police in order to access support from Beacon, the dedicated victims care centre in Hertfordshire.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd said: “Being a victim of crime is an overwhelming experience. In line with my new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan: Everybody's Business,   I want to ensure the most useful information is on hand to help people cope and recover in the aftermath of a criminal event against them.”

“This booklet is full of helpful advice but we would like to know what you think of it and how we may improve it.”

You can download the draft brochure here, and let us know your thoughts via a short survey: You can also share your comments through  our social media channels - @HertsBeacon on Twitter, on our Facebook page or by emailing