Road Safety Fund

The fund is currently closed for applications.  It is due to reopen in 2022/23.

Anti-social driving, such as speeding, those causing distractions such as mobile phones, drug and alcohol driving, and collisions and casualties on our roads, are frequently raised as concerns by the residents of Hertfordshire.

Using the surplus generated from motorists who have committed driving offences and been ordered to pay court costs following prosecution, or who have attended educational diversionary courses (such as speed awareness course), the Road Safety Fund looks to fund new and innovative ways of improving road safety and changing behaviour.

In previous years the fund provided road victims and their families the support they need to help them cope and recover from the crime they have experienced.

The Road Safety Fund invites groups/organisations to apply for funding to help develop and design local solutions where a need has been identified, supporting projects that will assist in the delivery of Hertfordshire’s Strategic Road Safety Partnership’s vision. 

The aim of the Road Safety Fund is to find new and innovative ways of improving road safety, supporting a holistic mix of education and enforcement to achieve sustainable behaviour change solutions and interventions which focus on reducing road casualties and antisocial road use.

Guidance and eligibility
We are looking for innovative and imaginative ideas that will help to solve local road safety problems in Hertfordshire across the whole range of road users, including pedestrians.  Your bids could be targeted towards a specific group or issue, or seek to cover a range of groups and interlinking issues.  You may want to run an educational project with children or other vulnerable road user group, start a local volunteer group, develop ways to stop antisocial driving or riding, or trial something completely new as a pilot project.
If your bid involves a requirement for speed related interventions, please talk to us first about how we can help you set up a DriveSafe volunteer group in your area.  A DriveSafe scheme, in operation for a period of time in order to monitor and assess traffic, may help to inform any future bid.  Find more information about Drive Safe here:
Speed Indication Devices (SIDs), or alternative hardware, will only be considered if evidence of need is apparent.  We are taking this phased approach in order to ensure that speed interventions are necessary, effective, fit for purpose and provide good value for money.
The Road Safety Fund is open to any organisation that can contribute to improving road safety across the county.  Public sector, voluntary sector, community groups and businesses can apply. 

Recipients and amounts awarded for Round 4

Recipients and amounts awarded for Round 3

Recipients and amounts awarded for Round 2

Recipients and amounts awarded for Round 1

The Hertfordshire County Council-led Road Safety Partnership scrutinise any bids on behalf of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

How to Apply

The fund is currently closed for applications.  It is due to reopen in 2022/23.

If you have any questions about the fund please e-mail

If you request is concerning speeding please visit the and request potential deployment by a van.

If you have any general road safety or general Highways concerns (including reporting a fault, signage issues, traffic calming, crossings, 20mph zone request) you should visit Hertfordshire County Council Highways, roads and pavements webpage  or contact your local Hertfordshire County Councillor.