What is Safer Streets?

Hundreds of individual properties in Cheshunt have received free security upgrades as part of the Safer Streets initiative.

Hertfordshire was one of 35 PCC areas across the country to receive money from the Home Office's Safer Streets fund to invest in targeted measures to design out and reduce acquisitive crimes.

Crime prevention and reduction measures to tackle vehicle theft and burglary have mad communities safer in the wards of Cheshunt South and Theobalds, and Cheshunt East.

The Police and Crime Commissioner originally secured £618,000 of funding from the Home Office to reduce burglary and vehicle crime in the wards of Cheshunt South and Theobalds, and Cheshunt East. This was boosted in February 2021 by another £200,000 in additional funding with the government contributing another £83,000 and Mr Lloyd awarding an additional £119,983 from the Commissioner’s Prevention and Innovation Fund.

The scheme was run by Hertfordshire OPCC along with Broxbourne Borough Council, Enfield Council, B3 Living, Hertfordshire Police and Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The money was applied for in a bid by Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd who said: “This money will make a real positive difference for those living in those communities who are impacted by burglary and vehicle crime.

“This funding provides us with a key opportunity to make our streets safer and reduce the vulnerability of properties and vehicles to criminality.

“We all have a part to play in reducing crime and I am pleased that the local housing associations, local authority, police, fire service and trading standards will work together to deliver targeted and innovative crime prevention and reduction measures.

“The aim of Safer Streets is to enable closer working with residents to increase community engagement, empower them to reduce crime and build social capital to ensure a long-term sustainable solution.

The Home Secretary announced the Safer Streets Fund in October 2019, and PCCs were invited to bid for funding in April 2020.

Bidders were asked to outline a plan to reduce crime within a local crime hotspot, demonstrating value for money, evidence of community engagement and long-term sustainability.

Acquisitive offences are the crimes that the public are most likely to encounter, and they are estimated to cost society billions of pounds every year.

There is strong evidence that these crimes can be prevented by tactics that either remove opportunities to commit crime or act as a deterrent by increasing the chances of an offender being caught.

What is happening

Streets in two wards in Cheshunt are benefiting from the Safer Street Funding.

Cheshunt East

In Cheshunt East the Coopers Walk Estate is having live monitored CCTV installed; new front garden fencing and gates; defensible landscaping; intercoms on communal doors and garage lighting. Social landlord, B3Living are to upgrade the security cameras and install additional ones from their own budget.

Broxbourne Borough Council are also involved in the project, including the redesign of access ways to reduce flytipping.

Homes in neighbouring streets Davison Drive and Rowley Gardens are to get new high security ‘Secured by Design’ external doors and locks, and fencing upgrades.


Cheshunt South and Theobalds

Four streets have been chosen to benefit from the project. Properties in Shortmead Drive, Limes Road, Springfield Road and Northfield Road are to get upgraded doors and locks, smart video enabled doorbells and video-recording security lights.


Communal garages are getting Garage Defender devices and alley gates are being placed in key locations to prevent easy access to back gardens.


Coopers Walk 

Changes are aleady underway in Coopers Walk, you can view the full plans and check the progress of work on this dedicated website.

As well as physical deterrents including new CCTV, intercom systems, additional lighting and fencing, work is aldo underway to improve the landscaping of the area to encourage community cohesion.

Click on the image below for to see details plans for the site


Latest news

October 2020
Leaflets distributed to both areas explaining what what being done for residents and encouraging them to sign up for free home assessments.

   Cheshunt South leaflet                                                                                          Cheshunt East leaflet

November 2020
Almost 200 homes have now signed up for free home security assessments after a two-day event in the two wards in Cheshunt.

The scheme was given a boost with the community events where representatives from the partner organisations, set up a mobile police station and knocked on residents’ doors.
Officers and staff preparing to knock door-to-door                                       Raising awarness in Davison Drive

Those taking part in the event at the end of October, included staff from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), Hertfordshire Constabulary, Broxbourne Council, B3 Living, Enfield Council and Neighbourhood Watch.

Now 96 homes have had an assessment done and a further 90 are booked in, giving a total of 186.

   Mobile Police Station in Limes Road

March 2021
Landscapers have begun work at Coopers Walk, working on the main communual areas.

   Digger getting to work at Coopers Walk                                                                   Unused land being transformed into communual area

May 2021
The PCC, Chief Constable and local leaders visited both sites to inspect the work and talk to residents.

The Coopers Walk Estate gained improvements including new front garden fencing and gates; defensible landscaping; intercoms on communal doors and upgraded lighting. Plus additional live monitored communal CCTV cameras have been financed and installed by social landlord B3Living.

Other streets covered by the scheme were Davison Drive, Rowley Gardens, Shortmead Drive, Limes Road, Springfield Road and Northfield Road. Properties benefited from upgraded high security ‘Secured by Design’ external doors and locks, smart video enabled doorbells and video-recording security lights. New alley-gates are being installed to prevent access to back gardens.

After visiting both sites Mr Lloyd said: “I was really excited when my office secured this substantial Home Office grant for Cheshunt which brings together various levels of local governance with residents.