SEB Agenda and Minutes for 20 January 2020

12:00 – 15:00
Gold Command Conference Room, Herts PHQ

David Lloyd, Commissioner and Chair
David Gibson, Deputy Commissioner
Stuart Nagler, Assistant Commissioner
Chris Brace, Chief Executive
Gavin Miles, Deputy Chief Executive
Amie Birkhamshaw, Director of Strategy
Ian Rooney, Chief Finance Officer
Nigel Atkins, Senior Communications Officer
Sandra Freeston, Executive Assistant (minutes)
Hertfordshire Constabulary
Charlie Hall, Chief Constable
Bill Jephson, T/Deputy Chief Constable
James Hurley, Director of Resources
Matt Nicholls, T/Assistant Chief Constable
Mike Jarvis, Head of Finance
Paul Smith, Chair of Joint Audit Committee
Michelle Dunn, Deputy Chief Constable
Geoff Camp, Ch. Supt, Chief of Staff
Mark Kendrew, Special Chief of Staff

 The meeting minutes can be read here

Item Title Introduced By
1 Welcome, introductions and apologies David Lloyd, Chair
2 Minutes and Decisions from 17th December 2019 Chair
3 Precept Consultation Amie Birkhamshaw

Budget and Precept Setting

Ian Rooney/ James Hurley
5 Strategic Performance Board – Police Performance and Exception Reporting Bill Jephson
6 SEB Monitoring Arrangements for the CSCJ Plan Amie Birkhamsaw
7 Community Engagement Strategy
Engagement Strategy slides
Matt Nicholls
8 Equality & Inclusion Matt Nicholls
9 Joint Audit Committee Paul Smith
10 New Police Complaints Regime Gavin Miles
11 Any Other BusinessForce Management Statement (FMS) Constabulary
12 Close