Unauthorised Encampments

The Police and Crime Commissioner has received a number of letters from residents on the subject of unauthorised encampments.

A common theme of this correspondence is that there is room to improve the information available to the public on the steps that can be taken when an unauthorised encampment is discovered.

This is particularly salient for landowners who experience unauthorised encampments on their own land, as the landowner is responsible for the eviction.

To address this, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, working with partners in the Constabulary and the Gypsy Section at Hertfordshire County Council has produced a guidance document on what residents can do upon discovery of an unauthorised encampment.

The information is an overview, and not exhaustive, but contact details are also provided for organisations that can give specialised guidance in different situations.

 Public guidance on unauthorised encampments in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire County Council had a directory of services that offer support to Traveller, Rome and Gypsy communities in Hertfordshire: https://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/media-library/documents/childrens-services/hscb/professionals/directory-of-services.pdf

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