My Volunteering Strategy

Keeping Hertfordshire safe is something we all have a stake in and to which we can all make a contribution. 
The volunteering strategy was developed to encourage even more people to consider how they can play their part in keeping the county safe.  It also seeks to explore ways to cut down on instances of red tape and bureaucracy that can sometimes hinder or prevent people from getting involved in volunteering.

More than 40 per cent of the county’s residents regularly lend their time to support others. The police and the criminal justice services are hugely aided and augmented by the direct involvement of local people prepared to volunteer their own time to do something for their community.  This ranges from the Special Constabulary to the Magistracy, from custody visiting schemes to Neighbourhood Watch and work with young offenders.

I want to build on this excellent record of civic participation and explore how we can draw on the skills, energy and commitment of the public – whether that be individuals, organisations or local businesses - to make things better.

My Volunteering Strategy 
2021-2026 builds upon the successes to date and sets out my vision for volunteering across the county for the next five years. Please take the time to read it and feel free to share your views with us: